About Wintergo

Welcome to Wintergo!

It's time for Wintergo again! This is the place to be for anyone who wants to spend the last days of 2023 and the first of 2024 with a friendly go tournament, various workshops or just play games and read for a week. We would like to see you throughout the week. If that doesn't work, you are also welcome to drop by for a few days, nights or activities.

We are still preparing. The program will follow shortly.

For the program look at Program!
You are welcome from December 27 at 14.00, you can register until 15:00, decorate your room and start the first round of the tournament at 15:15.

Buitengoed de Panoven (www.panoven.nl)
Panovenweg 18
6905 DW Zevenaar

The organization can be contacted per email: zomerwintergo at gmail dot com.

You can find the directions on the website (www.koosvorrinkhuis.nivon.nl) or look it up yourself via www.9292ov.nl (public transport) and www.routenet.nl (car).

Do you want to come by?
How nice! If you want to participate in the tournament, give us a call when you are en route, so we can pair you. If you register before 9.30 am you are sure of participation for that day. The rounds start every day at 10 am. Always report to the tournament director for tournament participation, even if you have already registered yourself on the website.
The financial part is handled by our financial director. The different daily rates are listed on the costs page.

Dietary requirements
The cooking crew would like to know if there are special things they should take into account. If you eat vegetarian or vegan, have allergies or a special diet, please let us know and we will take that into account. You can indicate this in the registration form. Would you like to consult us about this? Send an email to Zomerwintergo at gmail dot com

Practical information
In any case, you must bring your own sleeping bag/duvet cover, pillowcase, fitted sheet and towels. A sheet package can be rented for € 7.00. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you bring games with you! (put your name on it)

Minors at Summer or WinterGo
That's possible, WinterGo is an easy environment to spend your free time. From the organization we will arrange it in such a way that an adult will be responsible for you. If your parents are not there and you still want to come, another adult will have to bear that responsibility. The organization must be informed of this in advance (when registering), with all relevant details (name, telephone number, etc.). The Zomer- en WinterGo organization reserves the right to refuse you.

The WinterGo mug
The loyal visitors of Zomer- and Wintergo already have a few in their cupboard: a colorful collection of mugs. In the last editions of Zomer- and Wintergo, participants could always order a mug with their (nick)name and an image on it. A nice keepsake and collector's item, but also very practical. How else do you find your mug in a group of 30-60 people?

Besides the fact that it is of course very cool to have your own mug, it also saves washing up. If you would like to have the unique WinterGo 2023 mug, this is possible for an additional cost of 7 euros (to be indicated when you register, pass on until December 8). Of course you can also bring your own mug from last year!

Also this year there is the design competition for the mug. Are you a creative talent! Then take part in the Mug design competition.

And further
The organization must ALWAYS know who is present and when, if you leave earlier than you indicated in your registration, please let us know.

We are looking forward to it again! Until the 27th.

Regards, the organization