What can you expect?
Wintergo is for anyone who wants to spend the end of 2023 with a friendly go tournament, various workshops or just play games for a week, enjoy reading. We would like to see you all week, if that is not possible then you are also welcome to come by for a few days, nights or activities.

Wintergo is a camp with a safe, tolerant atmosphere, open to all go players and board game lovers of all ages. We expect you to contribute to maintain this character. It is important that you clean up your own clutter and occasionally help with household and educational tasks. Such as turning in the large dishes or a small wash, helping with shopping / cooking, etc. Also take care of each other by not making any noise in the corridors near the dormitories.

As an organization we want everyone to feel at home at Wintergo. Did that work? Nice! We would like to hear that. Do you have any tips? Are there things that go wrong or are there a complaint? Tell us. Together we will then look for a suitable solution.

(for the time being)

December 27th
14:00 Registration
15:00 End of registration
15:15 Tournament round 1
December 28th
10:00 Tournament round 2
14.00 "Path integrals and Feynman diagrams" by Mathijs Romans
16.00 "Wat kan de rechter met non-binaire genderidentiteit?" by Merijn de Jong
December 29th
10:00 Tournament round 3
14.00 "Teaching go to beginners" by Rob van Zeijst
16.00 "Chains and anti-chains" by Hans Finkelnberg
December 30th
10:00 Tournament round 4
14.00 "Lets get rid of databases, for simplicity, speed and less limitations" by Hakan Eryargi
16.00 "Paradigm shift in the way you think about Go" for 1kyu and stronger by Rob van Zeijst
December 19th
10:00 Tournament round 5
13:00 Award ceremony, lunch, cleaning (See you next time!) 15:49 Start New Years Party!
January 1st
10:00 Departure