What to expect

What to expect
Wintergo is a camp with a save, tolerant atmosphere, open to all goplayers and others interested of all ages. We expect you to contribute to retain this character. Therefore, it is important to tidy up your own mess and to do some household or educational tasks. Take also account of each other by keeping quit in the dormitory corridors and in the courtyard.

Practical information
You are welcome to arrive from december 27th 12:30 h, registration is possible until 13:30. In the maintime you can eat something, arrange your luggage and starting the tournaments first round.

Take along with you: a sleeping bag, a pillow case, a cover sheet and towels. There is a limited availability of extra blankets. Furthermore, we stronly advise you to take your boardgames with you! (provided with your name)
As always you will be assigned to a room, at arrival you get your room number. Requests concerning roommates and room location can be made to Reijer.
The organisation must know who is present at ANY time. If you decide to depart earlier than noted in your registration, please inform us!

The Organization Team,

Rob Friederichs
Frenk Arnold
Sandra Vos
Wim-Jan Hilgenbos
Reijer van der Zande
Mathijs Romans