Information Wintergo 2018

For the thirteenth year in a row we will be organising the Wintergo camp to celebrate the last days of 2018 and welcome 2019. We have a new location! Everyone who wants to spent the last days of 2018 playing a Go tournament, visit workshops and likes to play a variety of other games or simply likes to make long walks or read is most welcome. It is of course also possible to come only for a few days or even a single day!

Koos Vorrinkhuis

tel: +31 (0)6-31306631.


27 december
12.30 Inschrijving
14.00 Einde inschrijving
14.15 Toernooi Ronde 1
28 december
10.00 Toernooi Ronde 2
14.00 Go-workshop
16.00 Workshop
18.00 Zeepkistlezing?
29 december
10.00 Toernooi Ronde 3
14.00 Go-workshop
16.00 Go-workshop
20.00 Zeepkistlezing
30 december
10.00 Toernooi Ronde 4
14.00 Go-workshop
16.00 Workshop
31 december
10.00 Toernooi Ronde 5
13.00 Prijsuitreiking, eindschoonmaak en vertrek
15.49 Start AfterParty!
1 Januari
10.00 Einde Afterparty

As previous years there is the possibility for "Oudejaarsdiner " and New Year Celebration, therefore it is also possible to depart on the first day of 2019.

Important Stuff
In the dormitories is the use of cover sheets and pillow case is mandatory, you have to bring this with you even when you use a sleeping bag. Also you must bring your own towels.
Please bring a many games as you want!
If you have any special wishes regarding meals, please inform the organizers in advance. You can send an e-mail to: